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Immortal cosmetic Art is a company set up to give confidence and comfort to amputees and individuals with deformity. We attain this feet by producing an hyper realistic prosthesis to meet the challenge of a person with affected body part. Our products are customized to meet individual need as a man’s problem is different from another. Our hyper realistic prosthesis are not attached through surgery but an art that is worn on the surface for visual appreciation. In the case of pigmentation, we produce mostly dark skin tones for Africans and blacks living all over the world. Currently we are yet to go into bionics, our existing product, like the hand, can be controlled mechanically to show some gestures and also attempts to hold or carry some light objects (mechanically). Immortal cosmetic Art is opened to help you fix your challenge incurred on your body part, be comfortable to contact us for a private talk as we guarantee to keep such talk private. As you transact your business with us, we assure you a quality and an effective service.

About Us

Immortal Cosmetic Art Ltd was registered as a company in 2020… We specialize in the design and production of flesh covers for amputees of different skin tones. We restore comfort, hope and confidence to amputees all over the world through our hyper realistic flesh designs. We are the only company in Africa recognized to have attained this feet. We have over 4000 clients from all over the world. Africa is our pride and this is our space.

Our Mission

Immortal cosmetic Art is on a mission of putting smiles on the faces of Africans and blacks living all over the world, who must have in one way or the other suffers loss of body part .

Our Goals

The goal of our company is to make the prosthesis a fashion and people wearing it shall be seen as special and valued individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The prosthesis is definitely going to look like your real body. Our products are not natural but only a copy of nature, we guarantee you 70 to 80 percent blends of nature.

It’s going to match your skin tone, if not perfect, then almost

Yes, like the case of foot, you can wear it and work comfortably

You can only carry light loads, with the prosthesis (hand), that’s the scope we cover now

No, not at all, we don’t cut human parts, rather we restore lost body parts by creating an hyper realistic prosthesis to boost the confidence of affected individuals and also give them comfort.

Immortal cosmetic Art produces hyper realistic prosthesis to boost the confidence and give comfort to amputees and individuals with deformity on their body part

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